What do I need to do to prepare for my exterior waterproofing?

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How much will it cost me?

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Can you spray in the rain?

No.  Walls, footings, and cold joint must be completely dry for us to apply our spray on membrane.  Work is weather dependent.

It just stopped raining, can you spray now?

No.  Walls, footings, and cold joint must be completely dry for us to apply our spray on membrane, chances are they are still wet from the downpour we just had.  The concrete must be dry for us to apply the membrane and for it to cure on the wall.  Unfortunately, our work is weather dependent.  Don’t you love the Pacific Northwest?!

Do I really need to remove my interior snap ties before you spray?

Yes.  If you are planning to remove snap ties on the interior side of the walls that are waterproofed, it is critical you remove these before we spray.  If removed after we spray, it can puncture the membrane upon removal.

What should I sack or fill my cone ties, voids, honeycombs or rock pockets with?

You need to use a non-shrinking grout for sacking and filling.  There are many products on the market, we typically recommend Hydraulic Cement or Jet Set.

What size rock pocket, void, or honeycomb do I need to fill?

Any void bigger than a quarter needs to be filled with a non-shrinking grout.  There are many products on the market, we typically recommend using Hydraulic Cement or Jet Set for sacking and filling.

Should I spend the extra money on drainboard?

We highly recommend drainboard on all below grade living space walls and any walls that may see any hydrostatic pressure.  Drainboard relieves the hydrostatic pressure off of the wall, and allows for drainiage right into your footing pipes.  It is very cheap insurance!  If you are still unsure, one of our technicians can assist in your decision making onsite

Should I spend the extra money on termination strips?

Termination strips are applied on the top of the drainboard, at the final grade.  They act as a flashing, keeping dirt from getting behind the drainboard and creating a finished look to your final grade line. Again, cheap insurance!

Do you waterproof planter boxes?

Yes!  However, all planter boxes must have a drain in them.  Our waterproofing membrane is not a pond liner, and the water must drain out of the planter box or the membrane can fail.

Are footing drains required around my foundation?

Yes, footing drains are required.  Foundation drainage pipes must be installed and in proper working order to reduce any hydrostatic pressure around the foundation.

How quickly can I backfill

Backfilling must not occur within a 24 hour period and in some cases can require longer than a 24 hour curing period.  Cold weather or damp conditions can effect cure times.