Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing is critical in producing a water tight building envelope.  Our exterior waterproofing of choice is a fluid applied continuous waterproofing membrane.  Our waterproofing membranes are water based, rubberized asphaltic emulsion.  They are non-solvent and low VOC.  Standard application is one 40 mil dry coat, multiple coat application available upon request.  In addition to the waterproofing membrane we highly recommend the installation of drainboard on walls touching living space.  Some optional components insuring water tightness include insulating drainage board, rigid insulation, and termination strips.  We carry green, high recycled content product options as well.  We specialize in coordinating with your consultants, in creating a custom waterproofing system to meet your needs, their requirements, and your budget.  Call us for more information on custom waterproofing systems.

Blind Side Waterproofing

Blind side waterproofing is applied to shoring walls before they are poured.  This type of waterproofing is required when access to an exterior wall is not possible once the wall is poured.  Common blind side applications include reverse drainboard, bentonite, and rigid insulation.

Interior Negative Side Waterproofing

We offer an assortment of interior waterproofing applications.  Our interior waterproofing applications are crystallized products that penetrate the concrete and seal it, creating a crystalized barrier when it gets wet.  We can also install an interior drainboard application as well.  Call for more information on our interior waterproofing services.

Other Services

We service Residential, Commercial, New Construction, Remodels, Additions, Crawl Spaces, Shoring Walls, ICF Foundations, Monopours, Elevator Pits, Tunnels, Bunkers, Underground Structures, Leaky Basement needs & more!  Please call us regarding any of your waterproofing needs.  We are more than willing to lend our expertise to your water problems.  If we cannot help you, we will make every effort to point you in the direction of someone who can.

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